Oliver Bühler


Professor of Mathematics
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D., 1996 (Applied Mathematics), University of Cambridge, England
M.S., 1990 (Aerospace Engineering), University of Michigan
B.S., 1988 (Physical Engineering), Technical University in Berlin


Research interests

Geophysical fluid dynamics, waves and vortices in the atmosphere and oceans, statistical mechanics, sea ice dynamics.


Associate editor of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Fellowship in Mathematics, Queens' College, Cambridge, UK

Selected Publications 

Bühler, O., Holmes–Cerfon, M.,  2009
Particle dispersion by random waves in rotating shallow water.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 638, 5-26.

Bühler, O, 2009
Wave-vortex interactions in fluids and superfluids
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 42.

Muller, C., Bühler, O., 2009
Saturation of the internal tides and induced mixing in the abyssal ocean.
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 39, 2077-2096.

Barreiro, A., Bühler, O., 2008
Longshore current dislocation on barred beaches.
Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 113, C12004.

Bühler, O, 2008
Wave-vortex interactions.
Fronts, waves and vortices in geophysics, ed. J.B. Flor, Springer, 
Lecture notes in physics, in press

Hasha, A., Bühler, O., & Scinocca, J.F, 2008
Gravity wave refraction by three-dimensionally varying winds and the global transport of angular momentum.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 65, 2892-2906.

Bühler, O., Muller, C., 2007 
Instability and focusing of internal tides in the deep ocean. 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 588, 1-28.

Bühler, O. 2007
Large deviation theory and extreme waves file
Aha Huliko`a proceedings 2007

Oliver, M., Bühler, O., 2007 
Transparent boundary conditions as dissipative subgrid closures for the spectral representation of scalar advection by shear flows. 
Journal of Mathematical Physics, 48, 065502, 26pp.

Bühler, O., 2007 
Impulsive fluid forcing and water strider locomotion. 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 573, 211-236

Bühler, O., McIntyre, M. E., 2005 
Wave capture and wave–vortex duality. 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 534, 67-95.

Bühler, O., 2005 
Wave-mean interaction theory
Nonlinear Waves in Fluids, ed. R. Grimshaw, Springer CISM 483,  95-133

Bühler, O., and M. E. McIntyre, 2003 
Remote recoil: a new wave-mean interaction effect. 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, in press.

Bühler, O., 2003
Equatorward propagation of inertia-gravity waves due to steady and intermittent sources.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, in press.

Bühler, O., 2001
Statistical mechanics of strong and weak point vortices in a cylinder.
Physics of Fluids, 14, 2139-2149.

Bühler, O., and T.E. Jacobson, 2001
Wave-driven currents and vortex dynamics on barred beaches.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 449, 313-339.

Bühler, O., 2000
On the vorticity transport due to dissipating or breaking waves in shallow-water flow.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 407, 235-263.

Bühler, O., and M. E. McIntyre, 1999
On shear-generated gravity waves that reach the mesosphere. Part II: wave propagation.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 56, 3764-3773.

Bühler, O., M.E. McIntyre and J.F. Scinocca, 1999
On shear-generated gravity waves that reach the mesosphere. Part I: wave generation.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 56, 3749-3763.

Bühler, O. Haynes P.H., 1999 
Constraints on the mean mass transport across potential vorticity contours. 
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 56, 942-947.

Mo, R., Bühler, O., & McIntyre, M. E., 1998 
Permeability of the stratospheric vortex edge: on the mean mass flux due to thermally dissipating, steady, non-breaking Rossby waves. 
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 124, 2129-2148.

Bühler, O., McIntyre, M. E., 1998 
On non-dissipative wave–mean interactions in the atmosphere or oceans. 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 354, 301-343.

Bühler, O., 1998 
A shallow-water model that prevents nonlinear steepening of gravity waves. 
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 55, 2884-2891.

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