Atmosphere Ocean Science Friday Seminar

An exploration into coastal dynamics and sea level extremes

Speaker: Andrew Brettin, CAOS

Location: Online

Date: Friday, November 13, 2020, 4 p.m.


Changes in the atmosphere and ocean circulation drive changes in sea level. Extreme changes in sea level, such as those arising from storm surge, can have enormous impacts on coastal communities. Therefore, understanding how the geometry of the coastline and the adjacent bathymetry interplays with coastal sea level dynamics is an important endeavor. While previous research has shown how the geometry of the continental shelves plays a role in the steady sea level signals along the coast, less attention has been paid to the relationship between coastal bathymetry and sea level extremes. In this presentation, we outline some motivations for studying sea level extremes along the coast, iterate some of the subtleties of coastal dynamics, and explore some tools for studying the problem.