Center for Atmosphere-Ocean Science

The Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science is a unit of the Department of Mathematics, within the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.  Our mission is to advance our understanding of and ability to predict the coupled atmosphere, ocean and ice system through the use of mathematical and computational tools and analysis of observations; and to train the next generation of leading theoretical and computational climate scientists to face one of the most consequential problems of the 21st century.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science comprises students, postdocs and faculty. Our program values equity, diversity and inclusion as essential elements of an effective, safe and ethical research and educational environment.   It is our responsibility to remove barriers to knowledge and resources that limit access for marginalized groups;  to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all our members and the communities with which we interact; and to continually evaluate ourselves, our program, and our educational and research outcomes to ensure we live up to these standards.

News & Research

  • ClimSim: An open large-scale dataset for training high-resolution physics emulators

    Jan. 24, 2024

    CAOS Professor Laure Zanna served as a co-author of "ClimSim: A large multi-scale dataset for hybrid physics-ML climate emulation" which won an Outstanding Paper Award at the NeurIPS 2023 Conference in New Orleans. You can read more about their progress here. Read More

  • CAOS Professor Interviewed by the New York Times Magazine

    Jan. 7, 2024

    CAOS Professor David Holland was interviewed for an article in the latest issue of the New York Times Magazine on an ambitious new plan to save the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland. You can read the full article here Read More


  • Machine learning connects satellinte measurements to ocean velocity fields

    Dec. 23, 2023

    CAOS PhD Qiyu Xiao, Professor Shafer Smith, and collaborators published a paper utilizing neural networks to convert sea surface heights observation to velocities. This work is featured in EOS and NASA. Read More

  • Faculty position joint between CDS and CAOS

    Nov. 14, 2023

    The Center for Data Science and the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science seek candidates for one (1) open-rank joint faculty position, anticipated to begin in September 2024. We seek to develop our strength at the interface between machine learning and science, leveraging advances in data science. Read More

  • High resolution simulations reveal the impact of frequency bandwidth on a one-dimensional model for wave turbulence

    Sept. 11, 2023

    CAOS PhD student Ryan Shìjié Dù and professor Oliver Bühler have published a paper bridging the theory and simulation gap of a one-dimensional model for wave turbulence, the MMT model. Read More

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