AOSM PhD Program Flier The importance of climate research is universally acknowledged because of its obvious importance to all life on our planet. Pushing the boundaries of the fundamental understanding of complex climate processes that occur and interact over vastly different length and time scales is crucial for reducing the uncertainty in climate forecasts.

Our center offers an interdisciplinary PhD in Atmosphere Ocean Science and Mathematics (AOSM). The program shares many exciting features with the PhD in Mathematics. Our goal is to train mathematically talented students both in the tools of modern applied mathematics and disciplinary atmosphere-ocean science. By drawing students from new pools of talent, our program seeks to be a significant channel for the recruitment and training of excellent students into the important and highly interdisciplinary fields of atmosphere, ocean, and climate science. We are committed to the education and training of our graduate students.

The Courant Institute at New York University has a world-leading reputation in applied mathematics and scientific computation and the placement of the Center within the Courant Institute provides a unique platform for interdisciplinary research. Our students greatly benefit from being part of the broader NYU community, and the NYC area.