Who Should Apply

The AOSM PhD program lies within the Mathematics Department and is a closely-related sibling program to the PhD in Mathematics. We seek to admit and train scholars who possess great intellectual potential to shape the future of the atmospheric and oceanic sciences, building bridges between applied mathematics and climate research.  

Candidates should have: (1) a strong background in mathematics, physics, and/or engineering; (2) experience in research (or the equivalent, e.g., through work or outreach); and (3), most importantly, a sincere interest (but not necessarily experience) in the dynamics that underlie Earth’s climate. 

Intellectual potential, a passion to understand the climate system, and the tenacity to overcome obstacles are the key attributes of successful PhD students in our program.  These qualities can be demonstrated in many ways.  Our students come from all across the United States and world, bringing diverse interests (from pure math to applied physics), educational, and life experiences.  

We strongly encourage applications from women, racial and ethnic minorities, and other individuals who are under-represented in our field, across color, creed, race, ethnic and national origin, physical ability, gender, and sexual identity. 

Please refer to the AOSM Degree Requirements page for further information on coursework, examinations and other aspects of the program.

How to Apply

For complete information on applying to graduate programs at NYU, see the GSAS Application Resources Center. To apply to the AOSM PhD program, find our admissions guidelines and the online application portal at the GSAS page for graduate programs in Mathematics.   Applications are due by January 4.

Financial Support

All AOSM PhD students are supported for up to five years by MacCracken Fellowships, which cover tuition, registration fees and the NYU individual comprehensive health insurance plan. MacCracken funding also provides a competitive nine-month stipend to cover the expenses of living in New York City.  During the summer, AOSM PhD students generally receive faculty grant funding to continue research. Students are also encouraged to apply for external fellowships; a list may be found at the Department of Mathematics Financial Aid Policies page.


For questions about the details of the AOSM PhD program and admissions requirements, please email our current Director of Graduate Studies at caos.dgs@cims.nyu.edu.