Past PhD Students

These CAOS and Math graduate students have moved on to the following institutions:

Romeo Alexander  
Andrea Barreiro Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University
Noah Brenowitz Research Associate, University of Washington
Mitch Bushuk Research Scientist, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Nan Chen Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Lyuba Chumakova Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Naftali Cohen JP Morgan Chase
Kevin DallaSanta Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA GISS, New York
Juliana F. S. Dias Research Scientist, CIRES Boulder
Maria Gehne Research Associate, CIRES Boulder
Carl Gladish Postdoctoral Associate, MIT EAPS
Daniel Goldberg Lecturer in Glaciology, University of Edinburgh
Aman Gupta Postdoctoral Researcher at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
Alexander Hasha Citibank
Miranda Holmes-Cerfon  Assistant Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Helga Huntley Research Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Minoru Kadota Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Hawaii, SOEST
Christof Konig-Beaty Institut d'Astronomie et de Geophysique Georges Lemaitre
Frederic Laliberte Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Physics
Xichen Li Research Scientist, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Caroline Muller CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Sam Stechmann Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alon Stern Postdoc, GFDL
Jim Thomas Postdoc, Dalhousie University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Ross Tulloch Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT EAPS
Irena Vankova Postdoc, British Antarctic Survey
Ryan Walker Research Scientist, NASA Goddard
Han Wang Postdoc, University of Edinburgh
Xiao Xiao Reuters (Toronto)
Ray Yamada Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT EAPS
Qiu Yang Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wenjun Zhao Assistant Professor/Postdoc, Brown University


Past Postdoctoral Fellows

These CAOS Postdoctoral Fellows have moved on to the following institutions:

Rafail Abramov University of Illinois, Chicago
Xylar Asay-Davis Potsdam Institute for Climate, Germany
Dhruv Balwada University of Washington
Joseph Biello University of California, Davis
Manan Chandra Commercial Software, New York
Knut Christianson University of Washington
Daan Crommelin Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
Suddhasattwa Das Postdoctoral researcher, George Mason University
Laura de Steur University of Washington, USA
Christian Frankze University of Hamburg, Germany
Natalya Gomez McGill University, Canada
Nicolas Grisouard University of Toronto, Canada
Ian Grooms University of Colorado Boulder
Arthur Guillaumin Queen Mary University of London
Martin Jucker University of New South Wales
Shane Keating University of New South Wales
Jean-Francois Lemieux  Environment Canada, Montreal, Canada
Miguel Maqueda Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK
Mustafa Mohamad Professor, University of Calgary
Louis-Philppe Nadeau MIT, Cambridge, MA
Di Qi Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Tasha Reddy University of Calgary, Canada
Natasha Romanou NASA GISS, USA
C. Shaji National Center for Environment Protection, Washington
Joanna Slawinska Rutgers University
Alex Todd Data Science startup, UK
Yue-Kin Tsang University of Leeds
Petteri Uotila Monash University, Australia
Yutian Wu Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Jin-Han Xie Peking University
Changhyun Yoo Ehwa University, South Korea