Atmosphere Ocean Science Friday Seminar

Phase-Field Models of Fracture on Sea Ice Floes

Speaker: Huy Dinh, CAOS

Location: Online

Date: Friday, October 30, 2020, 4 p.m.


Fractures influence sea ice dynamics by contributing to the formation of brine channels, the break up of individual ice floes, and the mechanical weakening of the polar ice pack. Interestingly, fracture evolution is a discontinuous process -- mathematically challenging to model. Deforming bodies, such as ice floes subjected to stress, displace themselves discontinuously across fractures. Simultaneously, fractures develop near quickly changing areas of displacement fields. Francfort and Marigo, in 1998, developed a variational formulation of quasi-static brittle fractures. Bourdin, in 2000, developed a phase-field model of fractures, smoothing the discontinuous obstacles to numerical implementation. In this presentation, we will discuss phase-field models of fractures with applications to modeling fractures on sea ice floes. Please bring your favorite elastic body for a brief interactive component of the presentation.